SignX POS Server

A web application server for e-document signing in heterogeneous enterprise application systems environment.

Type: Server(s) + Seats
Licensing Module: Enterprise App.

WonderNet SignX™ POS Server is the heart of WonderNet’s online signature solutions. The server enables securing electronic documents or transactions by providing electronic and digital signature capabilities. The SignX POS Server supports digital signing of any document format with a standard PKI-based signature.

The SignX POS Server is easily integrated into existing application systems environment and offers a handful of methods for integration. Its robust and scalable architecture supports the signing of thousands of electronic documents or transactions per hour.

When implemented with SignX Web Client and the Converter Module, the capturing of hand-written signatures is enabled from a wide variety of digital formats: images, audio recordings, personal ID cards in conjunction with or without a personal electronic certificate. The captured data is embedded into the required electronic document which is then electronically sealed by the SignX Server.

Authentication of the hand-written signature is optional for both dynamic (online) and static (scanned image) signatures and requires the implantation of the authentication module.

The SignX POS Server is used in many vertical applications for signing e-documents at points of sale (POS)/ service processes (POSS), employment may be either static or for mobile agents. Batch operation module for digital sealing of massive documents is also optional.

Process Flow:












Key advantages of hand written e-signatures

  • Simple – Sign using a digital stylus or finger. Your signature will appear in the appointed area on the document. The graphical signature is visible on screen and print, and becomes part of the document.
  • Paperless – E-signing is just another stage of the electronic workflow, either if it’s an internal corporate workflow where several signatures maybe required, or interfacing a customer.
  • Secured – Once signed, authenticity of the source and the integrity of the content are guaranteed. An attempt to change the content to a signed document will invalidate the signature, and extracting the signature and using it on other documents is not possible.
  • Authentication – The authenticity of the signer can be verified online or at a later stage since the attributes of the hand movements are captured while signing (i.e. pressure, acceleration, speed, angle and movement in the air). This module is optional.
  • Legally binding – ESIGN, UETA and SOX, approved that electronic signatures have the same validity and legal enforceability as ‘wet’ signatures since the signature generated is added into the document the same way as signing on paper.
  • Any format – No matter the format of electronic documents or records, we can sign it.