SignX POS Dview

An Add-on module for SignX POS Client required for supporting SignX LCD Devices connected to WinPC

Type: Enterprise App.
Licensing Model: Per seat

SignX Dview is a dual screen enabler which faclitates a signature process using two displays: an agent display and a customer display. Personal data and the specific contract details that are extracted from the XML file, converted to a customized contract and presented on both screens to the agent and customer. The customer is enabled to reivew the contract comfortably and sign it with a digitizer or finger. The operation toolbar displayed on the agent’s screen, grants the agent full control on the process and the tablet facing the customer.

SignX Dview is tailored for use at POS where the customer’s signature is needed at the counter, and adopted widely by car rentals, chain stores and banks.

Further to its basic capablity of signature capturing, SignX Dview is used as a marketing platform for adverts and additional information for the customer to consume while waiting for the service.