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Pelephone launches paper-free HR processes

HR processes from recruitment to retirement, generate a pile of documents along the employee life cycle in the organization. In most of the cases the documents and forms which are generated for a specific HR process, need to be printed in order to be signed by the employee, as an act of confirmation or consent. Usage of paper documents can be reduced or even totally eliminated, by transforming to an all-digital process. This can be done by using Electronic Hand-written signatures where required, directly on the electronic document which is generated as part of the process.

Pelephone, a leading cellular operator in Israel, has decided to begin the paper saving journey in the employee recruitment process, which is a considerably heavy paper generator process, in which employment agreement and several appendix documents need to be reviewed and signed by the just-recruited employee.

It is a well-known fact that there is a respectively high employee turn-over in the Contact Centers of each company, and Pelephone is not an exception, so it was decided to bring the remedy to this major pain-point first.

Pelephone has chosen WonderNet’s Concord EE software product for the mission. The product was deployed in a Citrix based computer environment and is being used on about 50 training workstations, which are distributed in several Pelephone Training Centers in the country.

In this way, newly recruited employees will sign all the documents which are needed to get signed, upon joining the company workforce. The personal documents are being filled by each employee and then a PDF document with the personal data that was entered, is being generated and presented on the workstation’s screen, the employee then signs the document(s) using a Wacom pad with an Electronic Pen, that was installed on every training workstation.

The project expected benefits are immediate! No More Paper! and much beyond that, no more paper related overhead processes, a major relief to Pelephone HR department and another small but important contribution to the preservation of our earth green environment.

To learn more about Concord EE and how it can HELP YOUR COMPANY to reduce printed paper consumption, please visit the product’s web page or send us an email to .

Remember, when it comes to printed paper consumption, it’s time to make a choice!

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