Ministry of Transportation

Self Service E-Government Kiosks Go Live with WonderNet’s Signature Solution

The driving public gained direct access to renewing their driver’s license through self service Kiosks of the MOT using the SignX signature module
September 2013

Ministry of Transportation self-service kiosks were recently deployed in central Super-Pharm chain stores across Israel, enabling the public a new level of accessibility to government services. The project is part of the e-government accessibility project (TEHILA) of delivering government secure online services and aligning with the 21st century. The project is carried out by Taldor as prime contractor incorporating WonderNet’s SignX e-signature module.

The Kiosks, securely connected to the data base of the Ministry of Transportation, deliver a self-service platform enabling a range of actions for the driving public: driver’s license renewal, issuing 2 copies of drivers’ license and credit card fee payments. WonderNet has supplied the SignX signing module which is carried out with the Wacom STU500 LCD signing pad, enabling to capture the handwritten signature into the documents.  Enabling the capture of the hand written signature has enhanced the overall solution, while adding an additional layer of authenticity.
The newly deployed Kiosks are first phase the full scope project planned by the MOT of a total of 75 Kiosks throughout Israel: 30 at the Tel-Aviv and Central area, 22 at the Haifa and North area, 11 at the Jerusalem area and 11 in the Beer-Sheva area. There is a definite positive feedback from the public using these Kiosks, as an alternative of waiting in queues.

Wondernet has extensive experience in applying e-signature solutions to government offices as in corporate enterprises throughout diversified verticals: Banking, insurance, car leasing, cellular operators and retail.  Since 1998 WonderNet continually develops its products, offering innovative solutions for capturing the traditional handwritten signatures along with other means of modern e-signing as well as authentication, applying them to electronic forms, documents or transactions that need to be authentically signed and sealed.

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