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Cal Auto goes green with WonderNet’s system

Cal Auto Group, the fifth largest Car Rental & Leasing Company in Israel, recently implemented an electronic document signing system in around 70 rental offices over the country. The system, SignX POS by WonderNet, allows Cal Auto to sign customers on rental contracts, using advanced LCD tablet, without the need to print them.
December 2012

Cal Auto is a pioneer among car rental companies in Israel in utilizing a Paperless Car Rental System. Cal Auto has invested around half a million NIS in the system, and it predicts a quick return on the investment. This return is due to the significant savings in paper printing costs and especially reducing the overhead costs of paper-based process or converting paper to digital media (by scanning, etc.). The new electronic document signature system is one of the most advanced in the world, and it allows Cal Auto’s customer service representatives to combine scanned documents (driver’s license, passport, and more) using a snapshot small footprint  scanner attached to the CSR’s PC, with just a click of a button.

Eventually, the rental agreement will be displayed to the customer in full on an LCD tablet placed on the counter, allowing the customer to read the contract details and sign it, with an electronic pen, at the necessary places on a tablet screen. The phrase associated to this human interface is – What You See is What You Sign (i.e. WYSWYS).

The documents which are signed with electronic signatures are then secured by using a digital seal which prevents any modifications of the signed document, to take place without breaking off the digital seal. The signed and sealed documents are then saved in a digital archive system and a link to document is made in the Tafnit ERP/CRM system made by Matrix, which is the core business system at Cal Auto. A copy of the document is automatically e-mailed to the customer and is printed for the customer, only if the customer explicitly requests a printed copy.

Yoni Rauchberger, CIO at Cal Auto, says that “the vision of Cal Auto to move towards a paperless work environment is based on two main reasons: improvement of customer service, making it quicker, more efficient, and more transparent, and of course the desire to preserve the environment and maintain a greener business. In the project, which took almost a year, we have overcame many challenges, as we were determined to meet all of the goals that we had set. Today we are pleased to see the excited reactions of our customers, and I am proud that Cal Auto is making its own modest contribution towards a greener earth.”

About Cal Auto

Cal Auto Group is the fifth largest Car Rental & Leasing Company in Israel, and is engaged in the sale, rental, leasing, and transport of vehicles, in media, insurance and all areas of life, and real estate. Customers of Cal Auto include some of the leading companies in Israel: Migdal Group, Iscar, Sugat, Tempo, A. Drori, Packer Plada, Isrotel, the Standards Institute, Danel, Delta, Negev Ceramics, and more. Cal Auto Group also operates Highway, an executive education school in the field of traffic and transportation.

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